The Power Of Video

The driving force behind our services is SIMPLE. We create effective, well-branded commercials and social media content. Through our expertise in video production, brand development, and marketing solutions, our power is bringing your brand to life. It’s the goal we strive to meet and exceed for each and every one of our clients. 

Video Production

Whether you are a small business owner or a large corporation, we’re here to assist you. We work with a variety of clients from independent artists to heads of organizations. We are here to help your brand connect with your intended community. Our video production services are a cost-effective and proven solution that allows your brand the freedom to showcase what you are all about and appeal to your audience.

Marketing Solutions

Our custom monthly and quarterly packages allow you the results and insights of your campaigns that other outlets simply cannot. We take care of the up to date video content creation and distribution while working with your team to come up with marketing solutions that fit your companies needs.

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Companies using video on their website can expect up to a 52% greater chance of appearing higher on search results.

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86% of businesses use video on their website to help appeal to potential customers looking to learn more about the company. 

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Social Media

77% of businesses use video on social media, allowing them to stay connected to their customers. 

Our Services

Video Campaigns

We help you showcase your video advertisement on platforms ranging from social media to streaming services like Hulu, allowing you to reach audiences all over the world.


Branding is the essential step that takes place before you begin marketing or advertising. We help you to create branding that pulls your customers towards your company and makes you stand out from other companies. 


Promotional videos can be used to share your products, services, news, and updates about your company with customers around the world. 


Use our reveal services to highlight a new product or service. Allow your social media followers to be the first to see and share your news.


Increase tourism in your area by giving your visitors a chance to see what your town has to offer before they even leave their house.


Our services don’t stop with what is listed here. From weddings to real estate listings, we look forward to assisting you with your next video. 

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We proudly partner with local and national marketing agencies who share our understanding of what goes into a well-received digital ad campaign. Partnering with these agencies allows us to focus on the production aspect and gives our partners the ability to focus on the distribution. 

Our partners specialize in the creation of compelling digital advertisements and marketing campaigns online by designing, structuring, and scaling your campaign to suit your needs.

Get your name out to customers through Facebook and Instagram utilizing our partner’s services. These platforms yield a low cost per click, give high impressions, and provide us with invaluable reporting tools for your business.

Knowing how to target your customers based on keyword search history is one area our partners specialize in. It is their goal to get your ad in front of not just viewers, but the right viewers. Our partners also work to optimize your Google My Business page. 

Building customized funnels for the traffic generated through the digital advertisements assist your business by converting traffic into leads. 

Our partners offer services beyond what is listed here. Rest assured knowing that no matter what type of digital marketing services you may need, we work with you to provide it.

About Us

Motion Wave Productions was founded in October 2016 in Valdosta, Georgia. Co-owners Glenn Boswell and TJ Taylor decided to create their own venture after working together previously. Through their time traveling the country working on a wide range of projects together, they decided to team up to create an all-inclusive production company to appeal to companies everywhere in their search for effective marketing solutions.

Motion Wave was created to take the founders’ combined creative talent, extensive knowledge, and passion for production to the next level. Services include video production and marketing solutions for businesses and individuals in the South Georgia area, with openness to businesses around the world. With fifteen years of combined experience in the video production industry, the team is ready and equipped to take on your company’s project.

The entire team recognizes the importance of video and marketing to appeal to your intended audiences and create customers for life. Their ultimate goal is to help companies of any size by creating appealing and engaging videos and then working with partners in marketing to get your video in front of the right eyes. With previous clients in the restaurant, clothing, healthcare, and farming industries, they are able to take on projects of all kinds. The selective team of video specialists will do whatever it takes to create content that works for you. 

Working with this team means working with a style that is laid back, personable, and dedicated to all they do. Each video ad and marketing solution is tailored specifically for you and your business. All work will be delivered in adherence to all set deadlines, and the team works hard to exceed your expectations. No matter how large or small your video production needs may be, Motion Wave Productions looks forward to working together to create something great.


Team Work | Dream Work

With our strategic planning abilities and knowledge of what it takes to create quality content, our team will work with you to bring your video to life. The right video in front of the right eyes can help you earn a customer for life, and that’s not something we take lightly.

Video Marketing Solutions

From ad campaigns on social media to a quest for national exposure, we work to streamline all of your video production needs by working alongside our trusted digital marketing agencies to provide additional services for your company’s unique project. 

Our Work


Since each project is unique, the price is customized on a project-by-project basis. Cost factors include the number of locations, the length of the video, and other unique project details. Get in touch and schedule a video consultation today so we can show you what we can do for your brand and give you an individual price quote. 

You have a number of choices when it comes to showcasing your video. Social Media is an excellent outlet for shareable content, and YouTube is another great way to gain exposure. We’ll introduce you to our marketing partners and get your video in front of the right eyes.

The length of your project depends on the details. We’ll work with each client to make sure we stay on track with scheduling and deadlines. 

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